this turned out more serious than I intended. oh well.

so I started playing mgs2 again and I’d forgotten how much I loved Pliskin’s character model. also wanted to make a new icon for a sideblog.

"do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?"

So I’ve been playing Peace Walker because reasons and I’ve been doing co-op missions with a friend and we just started shipping the soldiers we used for the extra ops???? Lazy coloring cause it’s late and I need to sleep.

"Dammit, Jim! Stop replicating tacos just to put them on Spock’s head! You’re wasting resources!

this is dumb


this is how my comics look like when I plan them out in my sketchbook

"Привет. Zis is Keptin Chekov of the USS Enterprise."

So, being an ensign on the Command track, I’m pretty sure it’s important for Chekov to get some experience being in command of a starship, even if he’s just taking over for the captain while he’s away. So sometimes, instead of Sulu or Scotty taking the chair, Kirk will give it to Chekov.

This was all totally Sulu’s idea.

So I have this au in my head where Chekov is this genderfluid russian pop idol and he meets Sulu in an alley behind the building where one of his concerts is being held and decides to take him in because it’s cold outside and he looks lost. But I think I’m just trying to make an excuse to sometimes draw Chekov in pretty dresses and wavy long haired wigs idk.

sorry for being inactive. Been a bit busy with school. So here, have a WIP of a project I’m working on.


I have a research paper to do. So here, have a young Spock with freckles.

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Kirk ships chulu harder than you do


r2y9s has made some delightful Star Trek artwork. This .gif was created, with the artist’s permission, from my personal favorite of the collection. You can view the full comic here: (x).

If you appreciate the artwork, please leave feedback with the original artist.