Little trade with captwingcdr because she drew me and Kaz and it was super cute! I know this isn’t as cute but here she is with Otacon.

this… turned out worse than the last one. oh well.

here’s Big Boss in a flower crown because I put Kaz in one. he’s got red spider lilies on his head. I think the patch of flowers The Boss died in were lilies. White lilies can stand for purity or refined beauty, but red spider lilies mean a lost memory, abandonment, or a sign never to meet again.

Kaz looks like a dork idk I just wanted to draw him wearing a flower crown cause I’ve hit a block.

so apparently in Japan the daffodil stands for respect but in western culture it stands for chivalry or unrequited love.

important: don’t try to kiss your vampire boyfriend after eating any amount of garlic related foods.

what if Kaz’s sunglasses were actually prescription glasses and they were stronger than Huey’s glasses?

guitar lessons~

I like to think Boss doesn’t mind the smelly uniform that Kaz gave him cause it smells like Kaz. And then when it doesn’t smell like Kaz anymore he gives it back and Kaz doesn’t wash it right away cause it smells like Boss.

I dunno what happened but I somehow started shipping kaz and huey?? I also wanted to draw kaz doing the peace sign with his fingers and ended up using an anime screencap as a reference so there’s that.

okay so I was researching how humanoid vampire teeth were normally portrayed and decided to first look at some vampire bat facts and according to this website “well-fed bats [will] regurgitate blood to hungry companions” so they don’t starve and because I was drawing this at the moment I couldn’t help thinking of this scene. I guess it’d be pretty sweet in vampire society but for humans that’s kinda gross…

school starts next week so here have kaz with vampire teeth because reasons