I dunno what happened but I somehow started shipping kaz and huey?? I also wanted to draw kaz doing the peace sign with his fingers and ended up using an anime screencap as a reference so there’s that.

okay so I was researching how humanoid vampire teeth were normally portrayed and decided to first look at some vampire bat facts and according to this website “well-fed bats [will] regurgitate blood to hungry companions” so they don’t starve and because I was drawing this at the moment I couldn’t help thinking of this scene. I guess it’d be pretty sweet in vampire society but for humans that’s kinda gross…

school starts next week so here have kaz with vampire teeth because reasons

I just realized I didn’t have my ask box open. good job me!

I don’t know what they’re fighting about.


Snake can’t apologize like a normal person cause he’s a dork.

so I saw this post and all I could think of was solid snake throwing a birthday party and no one showed up.

except for otacon. he would be the only one to show up.

this turned out more serious than I intended. oh well.

so I started playing mgs2 again and I’d forgotten how much I loved Pliskin’s character model. also wanted to make a new icon for a sideblog.

"do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?"

So I’ve been playing Peace Walker because reasons and I’ve been doing co-op missions with a friend and we just started shipping the soldiers we used for the extra ops???? Lazy coloring cause it’s late and I need to sleep.

"Dammit, Jim! Stop replicating tacos just to put them on Spock’s head! You’re wasting resources!

this is dumb


this is how my comics look like when I plan them out in my sketchbook